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The human mindset is baffling to me.

Most humans despise cockroaches. If a cockroach gets into a home, they will mate and it can lead to an infestation.

Granted, hybrids are primarily human and still involved in the human world and care about humans but a vast majority of vampyre see humans this same way. They are filthy. Do cockroaches really hurt anyone? Humans say they spread disease. Well, so do humans.

Humans breed incessantly and, at over 7 billion, have taken over every surface of the planet and made it almost uninhabitable for other non-human species, let alone their own.

To this, the person I was speaking with said, “as humans, if we see a barrier we break it. It is our strength as a species. All it takes is one of us getting over the fence and then we will bring everyone with us.” Yet if this was an insect species speaking this way, humans would have industrial cans of insecticide at the ready.

I asked him if he could see why another species or even say an alien race would see humans that way. He said from a third-person perspective or maybe as a fictional character.

So I wondered out loud why a human would hear a vampyre say they were unattractive or not interesting and still believe the vampyre doesn’t mean it? He said it was hubris. Well, just because monkeys like the way you look doesn’t mean every animal in the jungle is going to want a piece of you. To that he said, “yeah but why wouldn’t they?” I responded that it is similar to a dog putting its but in a cat’s face and not understanding why the cat remains unimpressed. He looked confused. I never realized that humans were that self- unaware so it made me wonder what humans had received as their knowledge? I thought it had been an awareness of self and their true state of being but it seems like they did not get that. Perhaps instead what they received was the notion of being god-like.
I said that is why God wanted humans dead. He said that God wanted to knock humans down because they had gotten too close to doing God’s work.
That is when I realized I cannot live with humans. I am nothing like them and think completely differently-which explains a lot but helps little.