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Here is my theory on human conflict-it is all domestic disputes.

Why? They all can trace their roots to the same two families, right? We aren’t talking Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

It started with two people and multiplied from there. At some point there were two families, then four families, and so on. All humans are essentially cousins.

That is why the Middle East conflict will never be solved. It is Hatfield and McCoy. The Palestinians, related to the Levantians, say the land is theirs. All religions aside, this is a land dispute. You have the Jews saying the land is theirs but that they had to leave when taken as slaves and due to wars. The Palestinians then argue that when they got there it was not occupied so the land became theirs. Who is correct? Both.

So I look at the land reclamation movement here in the United States and I see the same thing. My theory is that the people who are Native Americans actually started in regions of Tibet and where Uighurs live in China. Given the number of red-haired mummies in China, they may have actually started near Egypt or Ireland and that could explain the resonance some Irish feel with Mexico. But eventually, they were exiled to the area near Siberia. That began to get too cold and food too sparse so they built boats-not crossing a land bridge- and went South like birds. And they landed in Mexico, Central America, and South America. So you have Asian and Eastern Russian blood mixing with the native Aztec and Inca and Mayan blood of the region. These would become the modern Native Americans. As time went on, these mixed races outnumbered the native people. The native people pushed them north into North America as exiles. However, this land was already occupied by some white people who were themselves exiles.

If you look at Native American tribe maps, they became very numerous. There were natural constraints due to resources but every part of the country is covered. They once again pushed any whites out–which happened everywhere they followed whites in exile. You see legends of white people existing in New Zealand when the natives arrive. There are these myths time and again of white or light-skinned people being the original residents.

But here is the thing, people are not a Crayola box. You cannot lump them in all by color and think everything is now going to go smoothly. Look at the Middle East, many may have brown skin, but do they all get along? Do all black people in Africa get along? Did all Native Americans get along? No. In fact, the tribes on Whidbey Island were so afraid of the Alaskan tribes trying to take them as slaves that they actually welcomed the white settlers arriving. Does that mean all native people welcomed the white people? No, some tried to kill them but not as a group, it was on an individual basis.

Humans all too often try to lump everyone into a color category. They say, okay, we are all human so now we have to be colors (or what humans call races). But what happens if someone with dark skin identifies as Caucasian? You cannot lump them into the brown category. This is why the vampyre are not colorist. We recognize tribal bonds and boundaries. Every single human being is tribal. This is to your work tribe, your family tribe, your ethnic tribe, your regional tribe, etc. And this is why there is war. A war over resources, war over land, war over religion–it is all tribal. It is all about which group is dominant and which is in the minority. You can even see this in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, where most members have been white. Was the fact that they were white mean that the country was run efficiently and well? No. They each had tribal interests. From their alliances to their constituent needs and then their regional tribalism. Will a white man from Massachusetts have the same agenda as a white man from Alabama? Not likely. And both may gang up on the white man from California. It is why placing several Native American tribes on a piece of land was not going to work unless one tribe was absorbed by another. The color of skin did not equate to affinity of purpose.

This is why the vampyre see all humans as one race-they are the same. We recognize their tribal bonds, boundaries and differences but they are essentially the same in their human motives and wants.

Why does this matter? For a reason that will not appear in any human history book. My DNA includes Kennewick and Clovis. Perhaps many do. But I can tell you that my people, the royal vampiric bloodlines of werewolf and vampyre were here first. Does anyone care? No. Is that being discussed? No, we were relegated to the world of myth and fairy tale. And it seems that if we cannot provide buried skulls to carbon date (which is not what we do with our dead and the original vampire are immortal) then we are not seen as having as valid a claim as humans.

Humans eat meat. Does that make them murderers? They drink the milk of animals but vilify our drinking blood. Does that make them evil? They say no because cows are an inferior species. Well, that is how we see humans. So why have we been labeled monsters and hunted?

How does this relate to the original issue of human migration and conflict? Because humans have been kicked out for using up too much resources. It is why civilizations crumbled. They reached peak development and then it became decay. That was not due to the vampire. Yet we see when our kind move to an area and develop it to our liking that humans, whether out of envy or a wish to partake, move in and begin to breed, and soon enough we have lost the very land and culture we were cultivating.

So I would advocate segregation not based on color or tribe but on the true race of the people. The human race has to stay with each other and learn to advance on its own. While our races will cultivate our own culture and land. And then let’s see where the true problems rest. If it is with our supernatural races, we will fix them but let’s see how well our races get along without human contact or interference.

Because it is also my theory from The Goddess Aped that the apple Eve bit was of Eris-she bit into Aphrodite’s apple-and now she and her children bring chaos, destruction, and death where ever she goes.

“Mahomet made the people believe that he would call a hill to him, and from the top of it offer up his prayers for the observers of his law. The people assembled: Mahomet called the hill to come to him again and again: and when the hill stood still, he was never a whit abashed, but said, “If the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill.” – Francis Bacon.

We do not answer to the call or demands of the human and so they have historically tracked us and tried to take over our cities and industries and relationships.

To this I say, “take to the mountain, if you want to survive the flood.”

The werewolf will know what I mean.