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You are no owl. She is.

Yet look at what you are becoming.

The fake witches around you need your energy to direct their intentions for they have no soul of their own.

The fake witches cannot do their own magick and so they will try to mate with a natural born/biological vampyre, witch or werewolf. Do a look back and see what they have said about you. Look at her plans and intentions.

I would guess her to be older than you believe and you are absorbing the years for her.

Your faces are almost identical now. Be careful what you live with. Be careful what you attach to and love. Be even more careful about what you touch and fuck.

This is a world of magick and a game to seize power and our abilities. More importantly, they want to erase or dominate our races.

The fake human witches have congregated around where I live to try to use my energy. They do not realize that all they suck in is poison and failure now that I am awake. Their curses are my blessings. Their hate brings me love and their ill-intent only brings me success.

I had wondered why none that supposedly took my abilities did anything with them.

To actualize it, one must have all the gifts and that destiny is mine. None other. My young has his own amazing and beautiful destiny to fulfill.

A song suddenly came through the shuffle, “just a little taste.” That is all they were given. A taste of what they could have had. And even with that taste, what did they do with it?

I cannot warn you away from her. Whether it love, a spell, co-dependence, age, comfort, companionship, ethics or inertia, all I can do is give you the same advice I’d give my critics. Get. A. Mirror.