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My neighbor sits on her sofa all day long. When we walk by I see that her house is quite tidy and she has a number of medicinal bottles on her table. Yet she and her son are always just sitting. I almost never hear them moving around or smell the aroma of cooking. There was a time when I was training psychically, particularly in remote viewing and astral projection/hopping, that I would sit and meditate beneath some crystals. I barely watched any t.v. at the time, if any, so I find it odd that she just stares at hers all day. Sometimes the screen is paused and she is staring so I suppose she is doing magical training.

But her choice of t.v. is also intriguing. For all intents and purposes, she is a very mediocre middle-aged American female. I do not glance her way often but her window is right next to my front door. She is usually watching something akin to Big Brother or the Hallmark Channel. Oh, I suppose there was a period where she was watching, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

So it made me think about what we watch. Tonight my son was watching the new Netflix series, elves. I want to watch the vampire series on Netflix but most of my day is spent watching tarot videos and documentaries on mythological creatures and gods.