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Valerie-Valeria/Valaria (wanted the spelling changed so it did not rhyme with malaria)

Da Vinci-“often parodied” (not really).

Valerie da Vinci-like a parrot in a cage repeating everything it hears.

He asked me once, the lady in scarlet red, if that revenge hadn’t been overkill.

England was the place I wanted to go-they would have made me queen you know.

But she couldn’t stand our love Herb.

So their “queen” sent her bald henchman and his minions Dave, Stewart and Bob to finally put us on ice.

And is this really because I picked Cary/Cory over Rollo for Lee or was it Cherl and Gregg? “Original snub”-new buns over the one that had put in the time?

Was it Leonardo, Donatella or Raphi? What did Leo do to the river so he could rise to the top?

When will this game of Hollywood Squares finally stop?