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We were groups of three back then. Because the triangle was (is) the strongest shape.

People forget that.

Ron thought we should be squares and teams of four so that couples could work together. I think that was to accommodate his kink more than anything but he believed it would keep arguing to a minimum, lessen the workload and be safer.

And so it was that my group was somehow being taken from me.

Was his name Gary or Greg? I can’t remember. Their names are a blur still. I remember my group was going from NAH to GAH.

He was the brother of Scott.

Both human magicians who desperately wanted to be supernatural. The former had broken into my boyfriend’s house and then mine to steal our belongings. His girlfriend even acquired my finger length through magic. But every good magician knows magic like that is temporary.

I was taken with them and they tried to hold me captive. To escape death, I had to agree to marry Scott. They cut off my legs to make me a breeding machine for money. I eventually did get released but my Scottish great-grandmother had to bring out my sea-legs until they could find a necromancer.

You see, they were there that day. The day the groups formed a cell to attack me.

And Beau-wait, was it Beau? Well, that wolf was laying on top of her, he looked at me and told me she was his bitch. I think her name might have been Crystal or Hannah. She was tall and blonde-trying to be a model but had an unusually long face. Ron called it a horse face. Might have even been Lori who said it first. He liked to say the only thing going for her was her height.

But that night as I was being tossed, mutilated and raped, I had to watch Beau with her and it was that Gary or Greg who said they liked them long-legged. Maybe like a daddy long-legged spider. The kind I would let run over my legs in the front of my father’s house as Roger and his friends hung out with Joel, Brianna and I. Where was Ron back then? I remember him hanging out with Chuck, mainly. Where was Ron now, I wondered.

I suppose that’s the thing. When the worst begins to happen, look around the room at who you have to depend on. For me, at that moment, it was myself and I had to survive it.

I guess no one cared that Gary or Gregg was a human. They didn’t question whose bidding he was doing or that the taller the female, the closer they were to a complete human–none of our blood in them at all. Our males were only tall in relation to the percentage of werewolf in them but the females worked in the converse. No real vampyre would have stood for any of that. But I seem to recall a memory of a male, when asked what to do with me, replied, “break her.”

In retrospect, maybe it was another vampyre that was actually mad at me. One who thought he had lost me and sent a namesake in to do some dirty work. He had asked me to marry him. I said no because of his addictions but he was convinced it was because people thought he was gay. Either way, it was individuals plagued with the filth and all of their issues.

They knew I was of the three so it was not a vampyre versus werewolf situation. 

Maybe someone was mad that I was pregnant. That would end as well because of them.

I was surrounded by halflings and humans so it must have been to lower me to their level-a level they still don’t realize they are seen at. Maybe it was because they knew they would never truly be accepted and that I, lacking any human blood in me, did not find a single one of them an attractive or a worthy partner. Or perhaps it was to illustrate their human nature could not be overcome-two birds with one stone.

To a human, that would sound demeaning and cold. And their actions proved how correct I was.

Like Jane later said, they took everything from me.

But what do they have to show for it?