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Remember the photos and video they took of my brutal rape, torture and mutilation? Trying to sell them as “consensual” and walk away as the victors of destroying me and getting paid to do it? Guess I should thank Larry for at least seeing that in my face, right? They both wanted to meet me and get my signed consent that night, only one showed up. He was pressing forward and had the copy they were trying to sell. We had to get it back. And then send him straight to hell.

Maybe I digress, maybe I forget.

The “rape room” lined with grey padded squares so no one could hear my screams. That little asshole who claimed it was because of me that his house was broken into and his stuff destroyed, when it was actually because of him pissing off the two sisters he was seeing and their drug source.

And who decided the preacher had to go? He was leading the charge. The country in a panic and it had to stop.

A two for one.

Bear, you said that you would do it at your apartment. The revolver. No one would ask questions. She even handed you the vial made by one of ours. We’d get there and clean it all up.

Broke the rules to snap their backs. Never thought that would come back round to me.

But I had seen what would happen so I beat you to the apartment and took the bullets. We know there was more than one.

What happened to those 33? Or was it 40? Maybe we got to 37. Spawn of their experiment, awaiting the holy breath.

All lined up to be vessels for the earthen apostles of a broken heaven.

Pin-pricked soles. To save the ones inside.

Their righteous salty shepherds trying to don a divine disguise.

To be be of the blood. To achieve their pride.

But us knowing, it would be for the young an eternal true death.

He knew too much. Frenzied up. Angry and scared. Forcing him to work for us in that tight little clutch.

To halt where even angels never dared.

But he agreed when he saw those young zealots on our heels.

Our papa on his knees.

All for the envy and wants of some busy little bees.

Wasn’t that the beginning of the end? She was really aiming at you. Normalizing a place for your side-by-side roomie.

But a world she said you couldn’t be in. Not realizing that neither could she.

If you both loved Charlie so much, go join him on the hill.

Watching me and mine starting to walk hand in hand was a bitter, painful pill.

47:12 the public #1

weren’t we all just having some fun?