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Why are vampyre and werewolves not jealous of humans?

It does not matter what you look like, how much money you have, etc. as humans.

When you go outside with your partner and see a duck, do you feel jealousy over their feathers or ability to fly or ability to swim? Do you suddenly fill with dread at the thought that the duck is better looking or more successful than you? Are you afraid that you are going to lose your partner to the duck? No, you pass by and might acknowledge the existence of the duck.

That is analogous to what I think when I see humans.

So if a human female says that a hybrid-male wants her or asked for her phone number, that just means his human side is far too dominant and I would not have anything to do with him anyway–he is basically a human and should be with a human.

And if a human or hybrid-female were to tell me that a pure male chose her or wants her or prefers her, to our kind that means he is mentally ill or has extreme hate for who/what he is.

It would be akin to walking outside and seeing a human male trying to be romantically involved with the duck or some other animal outside of his race/species. Or worse, introducing the duck to his friends and family as his romantic partner or legally marrying the duck.

To me, that is a cause for concern, and possibly intervention, not jealousy.