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When you are in Wonderland, you just have to roll with the fact that the caterpillar is smoking a hookah and the flowers all talk.

This is one of those moments.

During the burglary/robbery/theft of my personal items, the girlfriend of the man involved wanted to be able to prove she was a “3.” More importantly, she wanted to prove she was a wolf. She was already in a coven (though not initiated) so she took my cords, books, clothes, jewlery, etc. Another thing taken was a photo of my mother.

And, when I made a comment about no one believing she was a wolf with her short fingers, she wanted finger length and the magician she was with made that happen for her. I do not recall my pinky finger being long enough to curve under my ring finger but the photos show it apparently did.

Here are some photos. You can be the judge.These are my fingers today.

This was from my high school graduation in June 1992. This is approximately one year after the event and, at this time, I remember nothing of it happening.

Below are photos at approximately age 9 and 10. As you can see, my skin tone is also different, as is my nose a bit. Some of this can be accounted for due to age and sun exposure but this is what I have.