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These are going into a more Twilight Zone/Conspiracy Theory direction but it is interesting that this character is named Lady Starfire (a name I was referred as) and her birthday is November 11, 1991. It is one day before mine and is the year my initiation happened.  Her origin is also of Tamar (as is mine).

The easiest answer is coincidence. The other answer is a device (I believe called the Angelic/Angelus) that allowed time travel. If that is the case, it was used inappropriately and would immediately stop working properly. It would then change into more of a soul collector device.

Here is another franchise that came out around my birthday and was 20 years from the event in question (initiation). The movie, Interview with a Vampire, came out on November 11, 1994 (3 years after initiation). For those into occultism, these numbers and dates are being given for a reason.

November 19 is significant to another individual’s birthday from my past and is 30 years from my initiation. The Twilight movies premiered in November 18, 2011. Two Harry Potter movies also premiered on either November 18 or 19.

And of course other franchises are likely clustered around birthdays I do not remember. What I recall is that money made from these would be redistributed based on the release date and birthday it corresponds to but there would be a price to pay if those funds were taken and the person did not actually have any losses from the creative work. What was not discussed was how much of the plots, ideas, words, etc. were taken directly from me versus others.