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Weird neighbor moments.

I have long had two neighbors who have copied certain aspects of me-from hair color to the type of detergent they use. But there were a few moments that have stood out in particular.

First was when neighbor, J. commented: “oh you do have a long neck.”

There was another day when I was placing red brick dust down in front of our door as protection and she said: “oh I see your cayenne pepper. I know about cayenne pepper.” It wasn’t cayenne pepper. This was around the time someone tried to hot-foot my car with white paint and their barefoot (which would actually hot-foot them in theory). I would have used a shoe that did not belong to anyone as a symbolic stand-in for the person I was against.

Neighbor H. had a glass moon-phase garland hanging above the chair she would meditate in. That suddenly went away but was very similar to psychic practices that Ron and I would do with crystal garlands.

Then J. had a Notre Dame sweatshirt similar to one I wore of Oxford back in 1991 that I think Ron got for me as part of my initiation. And then J. was wearing the BM sweatshirt that people wore for initiation. I cannot remember if it was vampyres or wolves-definitely not werewolves.

Finally, J. was wearing a lady Shriners sweat set of pants and sweatshirt that looked identical to one I had. I think I wore it for one night. They are only for wives of Shriners. When Noel asked about it, she said she bought it as a costume and it is a joke because there are no lady Shriners.