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I have such a thing for posture collars and chokers. This chainmail is too big and thick for her neck but a thinner, more elegant version would be nice. I would like to make a structured collar or possibly a steel or silver neck ruff that looks as though it is made out of bone or crucifixion nails/spikes.

An interesting line would also be medieval torture devices. Without the spikes, this would make a nice arm cuff.

And obviously, this would require shorter ends but could also be interesting as a witch hunt/witch pricker line.

And I am not sure I would do a crown of thorns piece (though it would go with the Saints line) but a fairy tale line could be fun. Someone would obviously have to be careful with this Etsy necklace, so I would prefer to make the spikes/thorns all point outward or to have the inner thorns point to the sides.

I am not sure what the market would be like but there are clearly buyers for Alchemy Gothic, BloodMilk, etc.