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We were born a week apart. Her father used to lament about that. “Just seven days. Seven days earlier and it could have been her.” I would remind him that there were also 10 years. We had an odd relationship but I could say that about everyone I knew. People would be surprised to know how much power he once held in the city-especially in certain corners. The Mensa test results from the exam I took went to her. “You won’t need them,” he said. Now I know that it was a bit of a backhanded remark but I thought he treated me like one of his own. “I knew your father,” he would say. “You two are cousins,” he would point to her. In his large black car, I was allowed to sit in the front seat while she rode in the back. But there was no mistaking who his crown jewel was. Although I thought she liked me, I caught her mother glaring at me on occasion and I never knew why.

One day I went to her house and in her room, I saw the Hansel and Gretel bank that had been taken from my grandmother. She refused to tell me how or by whom. I still cannot remember the details.

Charlie wouldn’t let her visit. He said she had witchy fingers and he didn’t trust her not put something on him. He was not against magic, in fact he practiced it so I didn’t know or understand what he meant. He liked my hands, though. He called me starfire. His marks were always placed right in the middle of the brow-like a bindi. That is where my star was. I could not see it myself. There might have been a feather that he brought out but I think he used the nail of his thumb to trace the design. I’m not sure what happened to it. I can’t remember but I think he hid it. It might have been because someone was claiming to be me and that mark, the same one that could have proven who I was, could be used to say I was that person’s slave. No one has seen it in a very long time. Charlie always said fingers were important. He said to watch people’s hands and he always insisted on seeing the hands of visitors. I did not know what he was looking for. Recently I saw a photo of her and those were not her fingers. I remember someone trying to tell me that my eternal and I could not be truly meant because our fingers did not match. I was too young to even question that nonsense. But, in the end, we made sure that our fingers matched-in a sense. Though the length of mine was taken.

I showed Charlie my fingers once it had happened. “They chopped my nose and wrote sigils all over me. They took my third arm, put their diseases on me and carved into me. I told him about the rape and them stomping me until I bled from a miscarriage. Even about them wrapping me up in tape and sticking the VREAL stickers they had made all over me to try to suffocate me. And about the binding spell.”  He stared at the floor and just listened with his head lowered. I am sure he knew those were only the highlights. He grasped my outstretched hands to examine what had happened. “And they took my fingers to make them look human. Vampyre and werewolves have really long fingers, Charlie. They are trying to make me human.” Charlie assured me they could do no such thing. “It doesn’t matter. Your fingers are just fine, as long as they aren’t witchy. And you don’t have witchy fingers.”

My eternal and his legal wife ended up with a small diagonal line in the middle of their brow. It matches the mark given to a woman we knew who is now a physician’s assistant in N. Carolina. I am sure to others they would look like a numeral but to me, they look like runes. The first rune it reminded me of was Isa. The second was trying to form an imperfect Hagalaz between the two ridges of the brow. One could have assumed this was to represent the true keepers of the egg but, in combination with the Isa connotation, I would see it more as a means to block energy or even create chaos. In my eternal, the brow mark is anchored by the crescent and the sun. This means he has an incomplete constellation or line. This would result in projects and other efforts being put on ice or into disarray before they can reach fruition. While, with mine hidden, my projects go into their own kind of stasis or down rabbit holes. Maybe the marks on those three were from Charlie or perhaps Thomas, I can’t remember. The actions they took still make no sense and in this particular “game of thrones,” you never know who you can truly trust. Someone once made a sigil necklace for me that was supposed to be protective and he finally admitted it was being used to summon a demon and misfortune. (Always look up the possible meaning for symbols before wearing them or putting them on your body in any form.) My eternal is extremely well-versed in magick and is a consummate researcher so I am sure he did not overlook anything.

It could have been to represent them as his primary and secondary consorts, but neither have his true mark. This could be because they are both human and do not follow him into the afterlife. I cannot be sure. He may have also forgotten that he is a prime. He will lose prana/vril with a human. This will result in him aging more quickly and being more prone to injury. Unfortunately, I believe his prime has been taking advantage of that fact. And, since the female who may be his secondary is in the medical field, they may be working together. We do share our marks but I would never force someone to be with me. I am a goddess and a vampyre-we both technically have options-but I would strongly advise him to stay away from humans-just as most other primes do.

The others try to treat me as a human. Like a forgotten relic. Or perhaps even a fraud or dupe. Some have said that everything was passed down to my child instead. Nature does not work that way. Does the cheetah stop being able to run simply because they have young?

Regardless the truth remains. I actually achieved those Mensa scores. I was the one who had been marked. I possessed the power and ability. Nothing they did changed that and nothing ever will.