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In researching those groups that have been targeted and hunted, it is interesting to note that many have some etymology to “purity.” I do not read this as purity in a Biblical or religious sense but rather in blood. In a vampiric context, that would mean those not mixed with human blood. Humans are often referred to as “filth” or “the filth” by non-humans in response to their condition of having original sin.  It is this lack of original sin that might have spurred the hunts for bloodlines. Why? Original sin came with limited life expectancy-the loss of immortality. So the hunt could be to try to regain immortality or simply end those who have it (jealousy). Again, jealousy is original sin so the hunt itself only engrains the sin further. Another reason could be power. If it is seen that the “pure” can transform, perform witchcraft, etc. then those without that would likely be jealous.