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Tragically funny, I guess, the way humans try to manipulate situations.

He and I are prime. We made a choice long ago and share each other’s marks. Our marks cannot be given to prospective or chosen others. It is us. Only our children would be marked thereafter. He cannot give one my mark, nor I give another his.

For whatever reason(s) humans think we chose back then, this is not our first life together. We have chosen each other since the beginning and will until the end.

I was the first blood-born female to ever mark a blood-born male. I share his identical mark. And he shares the identical to what was my original mark. None can replicate or imitate. They can never be removed or forsaken. We are bound. We protect each other. We love each other. We are one. Not as father and daughter or brother and sister but as Anu and Ki-the King and Queen-the Alpha and Omega.

Only the marks given to “childer” or “children” (humans turned to vampyre) can be removed-either by death or the if the ser/sire changes their mind. That is not our situation and no amount of wishing, plotting or planning will change that00even if it would ultimately be seen as better for us. We are.