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And Anu did love his wife and consort, Ki.

In Hawaii he is known as Ku-the God of War.

Eres and Aphrodite.

And, as the original, if you’re named ki ki or any variation thereof (the ki of ki for ku) then you are named after my p**sy (kikiku).

As you can see it has nothing to do with cats or kittens but, rather, refers back to the original essence of starfire, creation, and the grail.

More proof of the grail lore? What does Kiki mean in Norse?

And that brings us to Kuki. It is the name of a people of the Naga (serpent) in India.

Dimapur Oct 8 | Publish Date: 10/9/2020 12:17:02 AM IST

 “The State of Nagaland was created on 1st December 1963 as a Political settlement under the 16th Point Agreement as the 16th State of the Indian Union for the 16th Tribes of Nagaland”.

The recent statements, analogy and assumptions that the state of Nagaland has only certain number of recognized Tribes and Stakeholders has come at the cost of hurting the sentiment and distorting of our rich historical background and of the existence of various tribes recognized by the Government of India as per the Constitution of India. The existence of such Tribe Indigeniuous to its Land and history and as old as the existence of the concept of our Naga Nations and its movements is the “KUKI ” Tribe of Nagaland. Kuki’s are also a Stakeholder within our state of Nagaland irrespective of how minor or lesser populations we may be, as we were a Stakeholder as history has shown in our struggle for self-determination.

The Kuki’s of Nagaland has settled and living within the Naga Hills and state of Nagaland after its attainment of statehood. The existence of Kuki are documented and historically noted even during the time of John Butler, who took a census of the Kuki’s of Naga Hills in 1872 and also drew a map, where there were 25 Kuki villages, with a population of 2599 people in 21 villages (4 villages not accounted for). The Census of India 1901, also shows that there were about 26 Kuki villages with 128 persons per village approximately which brings the Kuki population in the Naga Hills to 3328.

From Gold ‘n Silver-“she sent snakes to my dreams not knowing I am of the serpent. It would take her decades to realize the face in that mirror was not mine.”

And Kiku

Sex between Ki and Ku is rejuvenating, life-giving. Do both Eres and Aphrodite love sex? Yes. But the only sex and love that is satisfying to them is with each other. Anything beyond that is simply the hunt-the curse of Artemis/Diana or the pseudo-warmth of the hearth-the  curse of Hera and so they end up celibate-the curse of Hestia and unable to create anything physical-the curse of Hesphaestus or intellectual-the curse of Athena or aetheral-the curse of Zeus. Unable to see the truth-the curse of Apollo and unable to think straight or communicate- the curse of Mercury. And so they were kept from one another with endless temptations, misunderstandings and fears as punishment for the jealousy of the other Gods (who are actually demi-gods to Ki and Ku/Anu). For, in the end, the lovers were the first and the last-the Alpha and the Omega. The true.

In my first coven, I had to choose a representative flower. My choice would have been the rose or lilac but the only one left was the chrysanthemum. How fitting as it was a sign of who the kiku was.