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Just had a thought pop in my head of someone saying, “Let’s go to the Roy-al.” Maybe the Royale in San Francisco on Nob Hill? It might have been Ron but I am not sure. If so, Lori was with us. I did not usually go to the Royale because I was under 21 but also goth. It was more of a dive bar for normies. But I think Ron said wolves would hang out there and I usually went to places with vampyre.

Also remembered a female saying, “You put her up at the El Capitan? She won’t be able to sleep.” A male laughed and said, “yeah, she won’t be able to study either and I’m not going to help her.” They both started laughing and there was a second female with them. The females sounded surprised, “aren’t you getting paid to help her?” “Yeah, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to give them the receipts from this place and say they were hers. Then I’ll pocket whatever is left for our trip. You two are the ones I am going to help. She’s doomed anyway.”