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You named her and her kind. There is a reason you used Latin.

She was a plant. A trigger that was within you.

Do you honestly think I was the only target and the only one the Col. was programming?

Why do you think he would put you with someone like her? A human with zero potential–romantically, spiritually, creatively, financially-and a vampyre with the world in his hand? It isn’t because you won’t let her work outside of the home. You think the self-criticism was a slight or humiliation, it was to help her up her game because she wasn’t technically good enough to be a commercial artist and not skilled, creative, or rich enough to just create art for its own sake.

You saw it coming long, long ago and that is why you named them. He could not change that or the physical deformity that comes with all of them. And if there is one with a scar on the hip, you will also know that the deformity was corrected in them.

I was never permitted to get surgery as none exists for the sign–outside of a total synthetic replacement of my hips.

I am of the Lyn-the Magdalena. The Chalice. The Grail.

Look up her first name in Latin and then look up the meaning of mine in Greek.