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Apparently, I never realized how I did not fit the mold

breasts too big, legs too short, hair too blonde, ways too bold.

Apparently, I did not know my way around paint and brush

the way I did a wand.

So I was bought, sold, traded, and pawned.

Apparently, I did not speak to the pulse, a sway of your hips

Apparently, all I am

did not wet your lips.

Curious, however, I might be

why you never brushed her neck

but did kiss me?

Why crescent moons glisten

in our mirrored eye

but on her brow

it passed right by?

One night to the cradle

How many to the grave?

Fifteen to the altar

What a path to hell you pave

Do you want me to tell the story

of how that day went

a razzle-dazzle last-minute gift

and what it really meant?

No mark does she carry

Human still as eye can see

Could it all mean

you are still in love with me?

I am your wife of the V,

forever do I vow,

your wife infernal.

Your wife then, now