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So let me see if I understand.

  1. She has no soul.
  2. She tried to kill you-literally-by her mechanic boy toy cutting/unbolting your brakes. And I had to help you two stop the vehicle or you both could have died. Yes, I know how you got that leg injury. Your leg was turned completely backward.
  3. She had no inheritance. It was a lie. Her family wasn’t as connected as you thought and got you zero acting gigs. Her dad didn’t even help you as much as I did in your order. Isn’t that part of why we share my mark and mine had to be turned a different direction? Isn’t it odd that the human who insisted you all liked them “long-legged” got you all stuck with humans?
  4. I have given you more money than she ever did. You could have saved me from the lab and protected the manuscripts/stories. You and I would have had my inheritances and money from my being a published author. You would have been the director/producer of all the film adaptations.
  5. The other one you were married to lost me money, furniture, and my antique witchcraft books. We even had to buy her a house. So all of your human relationships have cost us and provided absolutely no benefit. You are a hybrid (like me) but not a human-hybrid. You don’t even find them physically attractive. It is just that damn acting student that you are still trying to get revenge against.
  6. She has the additive so you can’t even feed and the additive passes between mother and young.
  7. Once you were married, she could and did feed on your energy, and that of your relatives. Look in the mirror. Who is doing the giving and who is doing the receiving. Bring out the photos and compare. Pre-2007 through today. I know, me too.
  8. She can’t do magic outside of sucking your energy dry.
  9. You don’t enjoy life with her and she pretends to act like a young child because of another lie she told you.

And all of the side chicks have been the same. What is the point? Just to watch? Why are you doing this again? You want to be human? You want to die a martyr for a system you can’t even be rewarded in?

You are one of the most powerful vampyres and beings in the universe and your weakness is falling for useless, semi-evolved chimps?

A human female once said she could “see” the real us. I asked her to describe it while another person drew what she described. You already had a representation so one was made of me. I didn’t want attribution then-I do now. And I want to know what messed up my eye. I had no idea you also got an accurate mold of what is standing/sitting between us. You must seriously like your monsters and potato heads.

Also, she does not have the sign. It presents as a hip deformity, yes, but not one that would be inherited by others. The sign was “pigeon toe.” Check her relatives and how they walk. I’ve seen it in more than one. Their hip pops outward and affects their gait. The sign was the left toe turning in and a hip ball joint issue (synovial joint).  Signs are in one person, not an entire line–then it stops being a sign and is just a genetic mutation or deformity.

No one can steal from me anymore. Anything taken from or “inspired” by me now has to be attributed as such.

All of my inheritance has to be paid back. In the end, I lose nothing.

I am a vampyre. I am a goddess.

I was young, unprotected and being threatened with my life.

I didn’t get suckered and used, you did.

We share marks. I am the only female in the entire galaxy with your mark and I never want that to change.

Need more proof? After what someone else did to our familiar, I “got” Natascha.