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I do not have all the memories but I seem to recall asking him to learn tarot. It had not been an area of interest for him but he agreed. He bought the Tarot of the Ages deck. He said he liked how some of the Major Arcana cards looked. Then he showed me the notes he had been taking. I think I was encouraging but could have just as easily blown it off. With as many times as they had messed with my memories, I couldn’t remember what he actually meant to me. He seemed more like a mentor or good friend. I had no idea. While I cannot be certain this was the same deck, the notes look similar to his so I like to look at it. He was showing me he cared and that he was trying. My teenage self just couldn’t recognize it at the time, let alone appreciate it. He had years and life experience on me and we kept failing to meet each other in the middle. But every time I look at those cards, I appreciate him and what he tried to do.