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This basically sums up my experience with humans in relation to vampyres and me.

Human-hey I want that power/male/beauty/object.


Human manages to steal, lie, cheat or seduce themselves into looking more promising and is chosen for the male, job, position, etc.

Vampyre/employer/mate/etc. to me-yeah, we want that human or hybrid.

Human spends time in that position or relationship. Vampyre spends time with the human.

Vampyre/employer/mate/etc.(eventually) to me-

Like a heartbroken ’70s band, dressed in velour and bell sleeves, singing me a long, slow-dance guitar ballad.

Every. Fucking. Time.

#youchosethechimp #aphrodite #actualvampyre #can’treplaceme #prana #mates #hernamemeanstrashinlatin