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So I handed them the Angelic.

“Go back in time. I need you to leave me clues. That job is where everything changes and I need to know who to trust.”

“How do we do that?”

“Change history. Call my people something. Humans won’t know the difference so just name us Pick and then add the name to it. I need you to guide me through this one. I will be asleep when the decisions are made and no one will be helping me. I need to know who to choose but don’t tell me what I am choosing for. Just the name. And leave me the symbols but somewhere different. Four different locations and make them different in each one so no one can copy them. I doubt anyone will care to. And they won’t understand them anyway. Here are the symbols to use. When the time is right, I will remember what they mean.”

“But I can’t draw,” the scientist looked at me. “And how am I going to be strong enough to dig into stone? Everything will look like carved turkeys.”  A wolf patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll go with you. I can draw. My kind are from there anyway. We can stay with them until we can come back.”

“Oh you can’t come back.” They both jerked their heads to the side at the same time and stared at me.


“No, you just have to live until you get to present day-whatever year that is-when I wake up. When you do this, it will use up the Angelic. There will be nothing left in the device. It is a one and done.”

“So we are committing suicide for this? For your love life? To save a few people?”

I shook my head. “Not exactly. I can grant you immortality until you come back to the present with me.”

I stared at my thumbs as my doctor closed her book. “Then what happened?”

“I don’t recall. But I think they were telling me to pick Tish.”