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I have tried to explain in these pages that any hybrid that lives with/mates with a human risks returning to their human state. For some that is fine and they prefer to return to being human. However, there are also risks for those that were born as vampyre and werewolf as they remain in human or human-hybrid relationships.

As one of my gifts is divination (tied to Selene and Aphrodite and Hecate of my triune), I spend some part of my day watching tarot videos. Today, one of those videos seemed to fit with the message I have been trying to convey.


You Tube           Mazzaroth          11/9/21

Video Copyright: Mazzaroth

Keywords: Cern (I would look up relation to Cerrunos), Knights, Artificial Sun

Concepts: The sun is cracking. This could refer also to the vampiric bloodline.

Key Times:

15:05 They don’t understand.

(my note-Faust is being outFausted or outfoxed)

15:33 They are going to lose something.

15:40 They are going to lose those reptiles.

(My note-think Dragon bloodline)

15:42 Water

(Melusine/Aphrodite reference or literally something is in the water or you need more water either to drink or to take more baths)

15:44 Going to lose the ego.

(My note-going to lose the affiliation, rights and abilities of the vampyre)

15:54 Human. They are going to turn back into animals.

(My note-this could be as complex as the “Animal Farm” or “Cinderella” theory that animals were turned into human companions. But, more likely, it is referencing the return of vampyre to human form. This could also be the clones returning to human form, as well as hybrids.