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My first memory with the cloth is telling “Erich” I didn’t want to lose the wrap and nothing could happen to it. I cannot remember why it was important to me or why the tassels had to stay intact. It may have had something to do with my hair since the top of my head and middle part of my hair began to shed around the same time. How can this be? Remember, we are not dealing with the human world or linear time/space/logic. When events of the past began to happen, certain parts of me and my life were magickally “tied” to objects that had to be preserved and kept in pristine condition but outside of my control. In any event, I can remember telling him that I did not want to risk it with anyone else. We were standing in front of a display cabinet in his old house. He carefully folded the cloth and put it underneath some other items. Then he assured me that no one would ever suspect or look for it there and it would be kept safe.

Some time passed and after that I can only recall a memory of him yelling at a female, I think his girlfriend (later “wife”). She was rattling on about not being able to see items in a display cabinet and thought it would look better trimmed. The scissors were still in her hand as he explained to her that the cloth was an antique and had to stay as is. She feigned an apology and he folded some of the cut tassels under the cloth. What he may or may not of known was what I saw in addition to those moments.

Whether “Ron” showed me through telepathy or I saw it in the 5-D, I watched as she purposely cut the tassels. She started in the middle and made her way out toward both ends. It wasn’t because she couldn’t see in the cabinet or because it would look better. She had just been told less than an hour earlier what the tassels being kept in their original condition meant and was either handed the shears or grabbed some of his. I do not remember who the conversation was with but it may have been “Ron’s” wife or someone aligned with her. For all I know, it could have been another high priestess that I considered my sister, one of his wife’s family members or, most likely, another human. The who was not as important as the sabotage itself. That act of desperation showed how far someone would go to secure their place within our society or keep me out. And the depths the human females would go to keep mates that were not meant for them. She would also surprise him with a pregnancy.

He is not married to the person he thinks he is. Or perhaps he is not who I thought he was.

I cannot remember if the shears were solid silver or had a black handle. “Erich” had an antique pair he liked to use for costumes and cutting of fabric. I had an antique pair shaped like a witch but I cannot remember where they went or who might have taken them. For all I know, they are still in his care and could have even been the ones used. Some of our shared belongings were lost in his previous divorce with yet another human.

The wrap may have even been an old oil cloth but still precious, and is obviously some key to my returning to my true place and path. This is especially true since I was advised that I had to be “perfect” when the time came. His “wife” purposely tried to alter that course but it is only her fate that was cut with every snip. Her happiness was extinguished and her time shortened with every press she made with her grasp.

As my memories return, I will use this space to note them. They are likely not complete or perfect but it is a start.