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A while ago I got a frantic message in the 5-D that “Erich” couldn’t stop his car. His brakes had gone out. An acquaintance of mine had the same thing happen to her classic car back in the early ’90s. That type of wear and tear happens to classic cars and the two were, as far as I know, unrelated. Fortunately, as a vampyre, he had the strength to stop the car with his left foot but I had to spiritually contact someone to help him.

From photos, it looked like he stopped walking with a cane but the injury he received from the accident was significant. The leg had turned all the way around and injured his knee and hip.

I don’t ever want to see him hurt. He is associating with people who want nothing less.

If I could send him a message, it would be to turn your back on those closest Fred Flintstone because Wilma, Pebbles and Barney got it in for ya’.

And then I would tell him that he is loved and wanted–even if he cannot see or remember by whom.

Carpe Noctem.